September 11, 2020


I can see absolutely no political solution to the current state of our nation. We are one step away from civil war. It's happened in every nation in history and is the way of the human heart without God. We should not be so proud to think it could not happen here again. In my humble, but Biblically fueled opinion, there is only one answer...

 These all with one mind were continually devoting themselves to prayer. (Acts 1:14)

Prayer is the foundation for all of life. Imagine the emotions and sense of fear and expectancy when Christ had been resurrected, appeared to His disciples, and then ascended. Christ met their fear with an instruction. They were called to wait and pray for the coming of the Holy Spirit who would endue them with power to be witnesses to Christ all across the world.

Notice the pattern and the results of their prayers, which is exactly what we should be doing.

"These all"

The entire group recognized the priority of prayer. Everyone was engaged in fervent intercession to the only One who could make a differene.

"with one mind"

They were completely united in prayer. There is something about prayer that unifies. Something amazing happens when we all gather in the presence of the Lord. Our agendas are laid at His feet and we discover His agenda.

"were continually"

Prayer for them was not a momentary crisis reaction, but an unceasing reality. It was prayer without ceasing. The one thing at this moment—the most important thing—was to look to the Father in prayer.

"devoting themselves"

The word "devote" means to "be strong towards." Some are strong towards sports, or work, or entertainment. These men and women were visibly strong in prayer. Their devotion was observable and measurable.

"to prayer"

They were devoted to the one thing that they knew would change everything, for prayer can do what God can do. The next chapters of the book of Acts tells the story of the results. The Spirit came in power and launched the rapid expansion of the church. And, if you will study it, you will discover that prayer is found in almost every chapter and at the forefront of each major experience of the exploding church. Church planting was fueled by unceasing prayer.

We often say that we long for revival, for an explosion of God’s presence in our lives, our families, our churches, our nation. We want to see the church in America revived and an explosion of church planting across the nation and world. But there is a price: “These all with one mind were continually devoting themselves to prayer.” There is more involved in the spiritual life than prayer, but A.J. Gordon said that “You can do more than pray after you’ve prayed, but you can do nothing but pray until you’ve prayed.”

Father, thank You for the privilege of prayer. Thank You for the power that comes when we invite you into the equation. Convince us, Lord, of our absolute inability without You. Apart from You, we can do nothing. Help us to abide in prayer—to live there and maintain an unceasing communication with You. Help us recognize that prayer is our foundational work and can bring our highest effectiveness and become our greatest joy.


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