Is Your Back Against the Wall?

June 12, 2014

Ever had those moments? When it seems there is no way out of a tough situation? Young David was being falsely accused and chased by King Saul in Psalm 57. As you know, Saul and his men came into the cave where David and his men were hiding and David was trapped. The cave behind him, the enemy in front of him. But David managed to escape by the grace of God. Psalm 57 is his prayer and confession after he was rescued. 

Sometimes we think there is NOTHING we can do when our back is against the wall. But notice all of the actions David took.

1. My soul will take refuge in You until destruction passes by. (verse 1)  He consciously turned to the Lord in trust and made God His hiding place. And, he kept trusting God until the dilemma was over. Are you?

2. I will cry to God Most High (verse 2) He knew that God was the One who ""accomplished all things for me"" and would ""send from heaven and save"" him. So, he cried out in faith. He prayed and kept praying. Are you praying?

3. My heart is steadfast, O God. (verse 7) He remained steadfast in trust in God and did not waver. Are you?

4. I will sing, yes, I will sing praises (verse 7) He praised the Lord. Praise is the ultimate expression of faith. David found a way to thank God in the midst of his dilemma, believing that God was absolutely sufficient.

Was all of this just a worthless exercise? Shouting into the wind? Spiritual bravado? You know the rest of David’s story. God stunningly delivered David, just as He promised. All that happened developed David into a mighty man that God could greatly use. And his witness to the faithfulness of God has stood (and will stand) to the end of time to help and encourage others.

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