10 Spiritual Observations During the Corona Virus

April 17, 2020

10 Spiritual Observations During the Corona Virus


Every thinking Christian is looking beyond the immediate and lifting their eyes to ask God what He is saying to us during this time. The following are not in order and they are simply a few of my thoughts as I prayerfully seek God during this historic pandemic. 

  1. God is completely involved in this. It did not take Him by surprise. We must understand and join His purposes.
  1. God is showing us His sovereignty over Kings and nations. They are in his hands.
  1. God is systematically stripping us of our idols and waiting for us to wholly look to Him.
  1. The churches and leaders who aggressively seek Him and mobilize (like an army in the field) will advance. Those who fold their arms and wait it out may not survive, nor advance.
  1. This is not merely about the virus. God has an agenda through these days. His agenda is always about drawing to Himself those who are far from Him.
  1. God’s basic plan for the church is still the same (Acts 2:42-47), but the delivery methods are different. We must keep doing God’s plan and embrace new wineskins.
  1. The church should be different in the future, which is good.
      • More humble, dependent, and prayer-filled
      • More focus on the solitary mission
      • Laying aside the peripheral and unnecessary
      • Utilizing different tools and methods
      • Less dependent on buildings
      • More aware of the brevity of life
    1. God wants us to use the internet and social media to explode the reach of the gospel. It is the Roman Road of our day.
    1. The virus, although tragic, may be the mildest part of this crisis. God most often uses the economy to get our attention. Greater suffering may be coming and the church must prepare to help.
    1. People are praying as never before, which is always the precursor to revival and awakening. We MUST pray and mobilize others to pray, and we must pray for a worldwide revival in the church and spiritual awakening of those who don't know Him.

    *Bonus: God’s true church will continue and advance, just as it has for 2,000 years!


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