April 30, 2020


It is important to ask the right questions. Even more important is to have those questions answered with truth. We can embrace error, of course, but it will negatively affect our lives. The most important questions we must ask and answer are those about God and man and our relationship to each other.

Psalm 24 was written by King David probably as the Ark of the Covenant was brought into Jerusalem and into the tabernacle that was prepared for it. This Ark represented the presence of God. David, in writing this song answers four questions that are critical to us thousands of years later.


God is not the overseer of something that someone else created. Who made the earth and everything in it? GOD! Who made the people who dwell in this world? GOD. He made everything and therefore He owns everything. To whom do we belong? GOD!

1 The earth is the Lord’s, and all it contains,
The world, and those who dwell in it.
2 For He has founded it upon the seas
And established it upon the rivers.



Since we were made by Him, we long to have a relationship with Him. But who can approach such a God? And how must we come? We cannot waltz into His presence unprepared and uninvited. David gives four requirements for entry.

3 Who may ascend into the hill of the Lord?
And who may stand in His holy place?
4 He who has clean hands and a pure heart,
Who has not lifted up his soul to falsehood
And has not sworn deceitfully.


No one can claim worthiness to enter. Since God is holy and has “purer eyes than to behold iniquity” we must come in holiness. But for those who have trusted in Christ as their Savior and Mediator, we enter on the basis of His life that was given in payment for our sins. His sacrifice cleansed us. We are holy and righteous in Christ! Paul would later say how this has occurred.

Romans 5
1 Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with (literally “facing”) God through our Lord Jesus Christ,
2 through whom also we have obtained our introduction by faith into this grace in which we stand; and we exult in hope of the glory of God.


We are now able to “ascend unto the hill of the Lord” because we have been made pure through Christ. We come trusting in His sufficiency.


Once entering in before God, who receives a blessing from Him, like a servant before an earthly king? It is the ones who pursue Him in holiness and faith. It is those who seek, not only His gifts, but His face. The greatest blessings come to those who desire Him and the greatest blessing is knowing Him!

 5 He shall receive a blessing from the Lord
And righteousness from the God of his salvation.
6 This is the generation of those who seek Him,
Who seek Your face—even Jacob.



God will come now to a life, a family, a church, even a nation that invites Him. And, He is all victorious and complete in His strength and power. The Lord is on His throne now, but He is coming again to fully establish His new kingdom and then “every knee will bow and tongue confess … that He is Lord!” We must look for Him and prepare for His coming! Lift up your head and look for Him!

8 Who is the King of glory?
The Lord strong and mighty,
The Lord mighty in battle.
9 Lift up your heads, O gates,
And lift them up, O ancient doors,
That the King of glory may come in!
10 Who is this King of glory?
The Lord of hosts,
He is the King of glory.


Father, You are the Creator of heaven and earth. You wove me together in my mother’s womb. My life belongs to You and I gladly bow before You. Thank You that I can enter Your presence, made possible through the life, death, and resurrection of Your Son. Thank You that You are the God who gives every good and perfect thing. Every blessing I know and have comes from You! Lord, I seek Your face and Your presence … and I lift my head to look for Your presence now and Your soon return in fullness to this world You have created.






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