September 30, 2017

grasping: “to seize upon, hold firmly”

A good grip is important at times. A firm handshake is always preferable over a limp hand. A good grasp of the facts is important in any endeavor. A tight hold on a rope when mountain climbing is a life and death matter.

But there are some things we should hold with a loose hand. There are places we grip that we should release. Jesus is our great example.

Who, although He existed in the form of God, did not regard equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied Himself, taking he form of a bond-servant ... (Philippians 2:6-7a)


Jesus had the highest position of power. He didn't have to do anything He didn't want to do. But, He also had the highest form of love (He IS love, to be exact). That love drove Him to lay aside his rights and privileges as God and become a man, and a bond-servant to men.

His was the greatest self-humbling the world will ever see. And, it procured the greatest results. No other attitude could have accomplished what was needed.


We love position and power. There is something exhilarating about being ""the one"" who can make the decision, wield authority over others, be the king-maker (or destroyer). We can easily abuse this, holding that which we should give away; failing to empower others for fear it will diminish our position; constantly making sure everyone knows what we’ve done; never giving credit to a subordinate.

Thom Rainer said, ""Insecure people say 'I'm gonna keep all the information to myself so I can control the narrative.' Secure leaders share information.""

Christ reminds us, the path to true greatness and effective leadership is to be so confident in who you are and whose you are that you are not afraid to share leadership with others. In fact, you become their servants, helping them. If you help those beneath you in leadership, every boat in the organization or ministry will rise, including your own.

You must always ask the question, “Is this about exalting me, or accomplishing the mission?”

Stop grasping your title and start gripping the servant's towel. Work as a team. Share authority as much as possible. Disciple and train those around you and then give them the authority they need to do their job. Shun the limelight and honor those who are working hard around you. Acknowledge that nothing would have been accomplished without the good work of the whole.

The work will get done with effectiveness, an example will be given with stunning power, and (to your amazement) you will discover that everyone around you will exalt you, including God Himself.

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