The 5 Most Important, Glorious Words

February 15, 2016

We run around in life, concerned about a thousand things. Consumed with busyness, we have little time for the most important. And years can go by, missing the essential.

What we need is found in the 5 most glorious, important words.

""In those days Jesus came..."" (Mark 1:9)

If you read Mark's account—or any of the apostles’ inspired writings—you will discover this statement was the lynchpin which unlocked the magnificent difference. When Jesus came in Mark's day, suddenly blind eyes were opened, lepers were healed, simple fisherman were transformed into mighty warriors; traitorous, greedy tax collectors became honest followers and generous givers. The whole environment, wherever He was, became filled with the glory of God.

It is what you and I need today. In fact, it is all we need.

You don't need more time, more respect, a little peace and quiet. It is not a better job, or more money that will change you. You need to do whatever is necessary to invite the manifest presence of Christ. Like John the Baptist, you should humbly prepare the way and look up to see Jesus.

He is waiting to come and walk with you. And you will find that He is pleased to dwell in the most humble environments that are open to Him. He longs to enter your daily dwellings.

But when He arrives in power, get ready. For life's pace will quicken. Not with the frenetic, tiresome busyness that we are so accustomed to, but with the urgent, peaceful steps of One who is on a mission.

If you let Him, He will fill you and then use you as His channel. And everywhere you go, you will be proclaiming the same gospel that brought liberation to thousands during His time on earth.

And then, everyone around you will begin to experience the glorious Presence also. They will see and feel and experience what happens when Jesus comes.

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