June 04, 2020


If is easy to forget God, which is our greatest problem. We become consumed with our daily lives and begin to believe that we are the center of the universe, that no one can quite make it without us. The remedy for this is to read our Bibles to see God, to gaze long at Christ, (who was God in human flesh), and to be awed by God in creation. To remember who God is.

When we turn our gaze upward, we realize the truth of what God said through Isaiah.

Thus says the Lord,
“Heaven is My throne and the earth is My footstool.
Where then is a house you could build for Me?
And where is a place that I may rest?
“For My hand made all these things,
Thus all these things came into being,” declares the Lord. (Isaiah 66:1-2)



There is but one God. The earth is merely his footstool. This is not an arrogant assertion by God, but a simple statement of reality. A truth essential to remember. If we get this wrong in our thinking, then everything we think is wrong. The world quickly loses its order when this understanding is lost.

We did not make the earth or the things on the earth: God did. We cannot confine Him. If you try to say to God, "Why don't you swing by my house and take a rest?" He reminds us that He made our house. Everything that exists is here by His pleasure. In fact, every cell of our bodies and intricacies of our mind and heart were fearfully and wonderfully made by God.


It's important to get in the right frame of mind about Him. When we see this, we are quickly awakened to reality. And our first thought is: "How could I possibly have a relationship—as sinful and small as I am—with this God?" Anticipating this, God responds.

"...but to this one I will look, to him who is humble and contrite of spirit, and who trembles at My Word." (vs. 2b)

This sovereign, omnipotent Creator declares that we have His attention if we come to Him rightly. He does not dwell with the proud man who thinks he knows better than God. The one who will not pay attention to what the Almighty says.

But to the...

    • Humble: Who recognizes his right posture before God and admits his need.
    • Contrite: Who is broken over his sin and how he has disobeyed the mighty God of heaven.
    • Listening one, who trembles at God's Word: Who so reverences and honors God that he pays deep attention to every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.
    • To this man … God will look!

The proud man will never have a relationship with God. This is not because God does not long for it, but because the man thinks he does not need such fellowship. And this is a man’s greatest deception and deepest loss.

God looks for men who look for Him. In fact, He longs for fellowship with us. He sent His only begotten Son to die for us that we might be reunited to Him and enjoy Him forever. If you come to Him, He will meet you, and it will be His pleasure and yours.

Father, as I read these verses once again, I am graciously put back in place. Thank You that You are higher, greater, above all. But thank You, most of all, that You are perfect in Your love and desire toward me. Thank You that there is a way that I can approach You because of Your Son’s sacrifice and my faith in Him. Thank You that my place is at Your feet and there You lift me up to behold and enjoy You forever. Let me never forget.



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