The Sin that Destroys Everything

May 13, 2020

The Sin that Destroys Everything

There is something more deadly than your worst enemy, more lethal than poison. And it is on front page display in our nation and often in our own lives.

Pride is the mother of all sins. The thought that I am the sum of everything … that I made things, achieved things on my own, have a right to honor and recognition, should be thought well of by others ... the list goes on and on. It’s all pride. And it’s all deadly.


Trace every sin in your life and you will quickly see it stems from pride. Proverbs gives a warning about this lethal sin.

Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before stumbling.   (Proverbs 16:18)

Watch a proud man: he may know a measure of success for a season, but his pride is always his downfall. Better is a man who recognizes that God is the source of every good and perfect gift and that apart from Him he can do nothing. This man will be spared from a fall.

Look through human history. Every proud man has fallen. God makes sure that this happens, because God will share His glory with no mere man. God literally resists the proud man (James 4:6), but promises to pour out grace on those who humble themselves under His mighty hand. Humility is the only way we enter the kingdom and the only way that we can approach God (see Matthew 5:3).


We would all do well to stop right now and ask God to reveal the groundwork of pride in our lives. Slowly, prayerfully walk through the list of questions below. What are you doing, thinking, expecting, longing for because of pride? Where is pride subtly creeping in?

Do you…

  • Think often about what you have done?
  • Feel like you deserve things?
  • Expect recognition and are upset when unrecognized?
  • Find yourself irritated when others are exalted or honored above you?
  • Subtly weave your achievements into the conversation?
  • Overuse the word “I”?
  • Love to tell stories in which you are the central figure?
  • Often interrupt others because you think what you have to say is more important?
  • Point the conversation back to yourself?
  • Enjoy human praise?
  • Fail to deflect praise back to the One to whom alone it is due?
  • Find yourself quick to anger and unforgiveness (“Who are they to do this to me?”)
  • Are upset with God when you face trials and difficulties?
  • Think you deserve better?
  • Have a strong sense of entitlement?
  • Become upset when others are served before you?
  • Have a hard time serving others?
  • Give over-attention to your personal appearance?
  • Feel little need to pray because you think you can handle things by yourself?
  • See the study of God’s Word as a ritual or duty, but not the constant longing of your life because you know you cannot make it without God?

Quickly admit your sin and confess your pride. Go all the way to the bottom. Nothing else will do. Meet with a trusted friend and ask them to help you see where pride is evident.

And remember: Humility is the beginning and fountain of both personal and corporate revival. A humble man knows that he is the creature and God is the Creator, and he understands the difference.

Father, I am filled with pride so often. Forgive me for thinking of myself more than You. For exalting myself more than you. For allowing this sin to go unrecognized. For giving such a poor witness before others. Show me my pride, Lord, and give me grace to repent. Do not let the foot of pride come upon me and continually, hourly teach me the path of humility.



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