The Sure-Fire Cure for Worry

June 30, 2014

Everybody worries. Our limited sight causes us anxiety about all kinds of things in this world—both real and imagined. And it cripples us. Rebecca Pippert said, ""Whatever you fear, you serve."" If we are not careful, our anxiety will drive our lives, make our decisions, and shape our futures.

Most tragic is when a cure is afforded for this mortal malady and we ignore the prescription. The Psalmist took his medicine and found relief.

""When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Your consolations delight my soul."" (Psalm 94:19)

It's not like he didn't understand the nature of the beast. He diagnosed the disease and prescribed the cure.


""When my anxious thoughts multiply within me…”

Anxiety is in the ""thoughts.""

Our problems are never the issue; but our mental response is what creates crippling fear.

Anxiety is never content to sit or merely grow by addition.

It ""multiplies,"" growing exponentially like a fast-growing cancer until we are consumed.

Anxiety can never be blamed on someone else or even the presenting problem.

It is ""within me."" If you’re worrying, it’s on you.


""…Your consolations delight my soul.""

To console is to comfort, encourage, relieve with higher thoughts. And God is the great Consoler. He has perspective we will never have. He reprograms and reboots us with spiritual reality. He shows us the unseen world and His unseen Hand. He reminds us of His sovereignty. He showers His communication with over 7,000 promises in His Word. What He gives us is always enough to overcome anxiety.

But in order to receive this calming consolation we must come to Him. We must draw near enough to hear His voice. Do not expect relief if you will not come, humbly and transparently, to the Great Physician. And remember: Our homemade remedies (even with multiple applications) will simply complicate the anxiety.

The wonderful reality if we experience His consolations is that worry will cease and we will find our soul delighted. His words are so complete that it not only lifts us above our fears, but makes our soul sing as we realize the sufficiency of the One who reigns. It doesn’t just make us healthy, it makes us happy.

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