TRANSGENDERISM, plain and simple

May 14, 2016

Over one year ago, the Supreme Court sought to “redefine” marriage. They cannot change, of course, what God has stated. (“Forever, O Lord, Your word is settled in heaven,” Psalm 119:89). But they opened the door for a massive, moral and legal change in our nation. God defined marriage, but we want the right to self define.

When you go to the root of this decision it was simply a nation rebelliously turning from God’s control. “We will not let God tell us what a marriage is anymore!” And all of human history and Biblical truth illustrate the results of such rebellion.


Never satisfied, the Enemy of our souls always goes further. Now, he wants us to not only redefine marriage, but redefine ourselves.

God created male and female. For thousands of years the biology of our bodies kept us from confusion about this most basic and critical distinction. A distinction vital to the ongoing of our race.

Now there’s a new lie from the father of all lies. “Your physical body does not tell you what you are,” so some explain, “but your gender is determined psychologically, and what you think actually tells you who you are. If you feel like you’re different from what God has defined and clearly created, then you are something different. It’s all a matter of how you feel, not what God has said. So, you can self-define whether or not you are a male or female.”

There has always been (and always will be) those who struggle with their identity. And there are multiple reasons for this. Followers of Christ are called to love those experiencing this tension, and to provide a safe haven to help them navigate these rough emotional waters.

But the greatest thing we can do is share God’s truth. What God says about our identity will lead us to the healthiest, most joyful life. The truth sets us free.

We must understand that God defined our gender, but again, we want the right to self-define.


When you look at the tactics of the Enemy, he is ruthless toward the most helpless and innocent. Look at abortion, fatherlessness, abandonment, etc.

So the President issued a proclamation, backed by the Education and Justice Departments, demanding that every school in America open every bathroom door to every transgender individual. Think of the massive confusion that will result as the youngest children in our society are bombarded in the most private place of their lives with issues they should never face.

But do not forget the root. The temptation to redefine what God has already defined is a deception that can lead to rebellion against God.

Don’t let seemingly lofty explanations stand unexamined and unchallenged. This is an assault on society, even though those who propose it do not see it that way.

But more importantly, it is nothing more than the Enemy of God tempting us (just like what happened in the Garden) to doubt God’s definitions and walk away from His Word and leadership. It is one of his most gruesome and deadly attacks to date, and it is happening on our watch.

The church should be aggressively compassionate toward those who are confused, because God can help them. The gospel cuts through the fog and leads anyone and everyone to liberating light.

But we should also be unwavering in our evaluation of this assault on our children, our nation, and our Creator.

As always, the great remedy that would change the church and transform the culture would be a sweeping movement of revival and spiritual awakening. Everything about the chaos around us should call us to unite in one cry for God’s merciful movement among us!


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