What You Don't Know (About Yourself) Will Hurt You!

June 12, 2015

In our current age there is much discussion about self-image. ""He just has a poor self-image,"" or the opposite end, ""He thinks too highly of himself."" 

What we believe about God is the most important thing about us (as Tozer rightly said). But what we believe about ourselves is critical. It affects us.

So how do we get a right understanding about our lives?

If you really wanted to know what a car was like, in intricate and accurate detail, you would talk to the manufacturer—the one who made the car. 

The Psalmist recounts for us—from our Manufacturer—what is really true about us. This is the evaluation we should embrace. And God knows we need this understand. That's why He recorded it for all time in His word in Psalm 139.

The Creator says ...

  1. You were formed and woven together in your mother's womb by God. Therefore, we should give thanks to God for how He made us. (Psalm 139:13-14a)
  1. You are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14)
  1. You were skillfully wrought (Psalm 139:15)

Like the ultimate craftsman, you were not made in a haphazard, unpurposeful way. You were made perfectly. The world may say you have some imperfections, but not God.

  1. All the days that were ordained for you were written in God's book before your birth. (Psalm 139:16)

This means everyday has purpose and God knows exactly what is to happen with this exquisite creature He has made.

Knowing these things should bring the needed balance to your life. In the midst of this statement in Psalm 139 the Psalmist said, “…and my soul know (this) very well.” In other words, he had come to full, healthy understand of Himself. When this happens, we have a balanced and biblical view.

  1. You must believe you are incredible and valuable!

There is no place for a worm-like self-deprecation. ""I'm nothing. I don't matter. I'm worthless."" etc. 

The world will tell you you’re scum and Satan will dramatically reinforce this to keep you down. But, ""God don't make no junk!”

If God made you so wonderfully, then it follows that you were designed for something incredible in His kingdom—both in this world and the next—and you should anticipate that reality and seek that goal with all our heart.

God’s value of you is seen not only in His creation of you, but on the Cross. He valued you enough to offer His Son’s life to redeem you back to Himself and restore you to the Manufacturer’s Original Specifications.

  1. You must not be proud, vainly thinking you did this yourself.

What you are, you are by God's work, not your own. Your life should be marked by a daily, hourly gratitude for His handiwork. Psalm 139 should be often on you lips. 

  1. You must daily look to your Creator for His plan.

No one knows You like the one who made you. Know one knows why each part of you was uniquely created and what it is to do like Him. Therefore, your life won’t fulfill its destiny without reading the Owner’s manual (the Bible) and following the Owner’s direction (by His Spirit.)

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