November 23, 2015

God has created every man for eternal purposes. Recorded in the history of heaven are their callings and a record of their work. The first chapters of the book of 1 Chronicles seem like a random genealogy, but it is there to remind us of the importance of every man playing his part. 


In Israel's history, the temple was the center of the nation's life. It was the place that represented the presence of God Himself with His people. And, it was to be meticulously cared for according to clear instructions.

Look at the record of the gatekeepers of the temple:

For the four chief gatekeepers who were Levites, were in an office of trust, and were over the chambers and over the treasuries in the house of God. They spent the night around the house of God, because the watch was committed to them; and they were in charge of opening it morning by morning. (1 Chronicles 9:26-27)

These men were in an ""office of trust."" They were given the sacred responsibilities over the wealth of the house of God. Not only did they guard the things of God and watch over them, but they opened the temple “morning by morning” giving access to the very presence of God.

It seems to me an incredible task to be such a man that I would be entrusted with the treasuries of God and to give access to God's presence day by day.


In a real sense, every true believer holds that responsibility now. We are given a stewardship over God's possessions (everything you own is His). It is an office of trust. God tells us in the New Testament that we are to be stewards over these things and one thing is required of us: faithfulness, i.e., that we do with the Master’s things precisely what He desires.

And the Spirit of God Himself resides in us, if we are His. We are now the temple, housing Him in this life. We have the task of opening the door to invite others to see His beauty and holiness in and through us, morning by morning. 

Some men don’t know they have these two sacred tasks. Some know they have it and ignore it, or deal lightly with this sacred trust. Some take the things God has given them, (their time, talents, and treasures), and squander them in self-absorbed living. Some don’t take time to “open the doors” morning by morning into God’s presence. They experience little of Him and allow others to see little of Him through their lives.

If we are called to be Christian leaders, this responsibility is even greater. Men look to us, and rightfully so to open the gate day by day to help them access the truth of God and the life of God.

We should see our task clearly and soberly. The vast majority of people on this planet do not have this responsibility. It is the sole charge of those who have come to know Christ by faith.

God can do what He desires without us, of course. But in large measure, we have been entrusted with the resources of God and access to the presence of God . . . and we are tasked to help others “taste and see that the Lord is good.” How will they enter unless we open the doors morning by morning?

It would be an important task to serve in the White House. But the President’s President has given you a greater task. This is your office of trust. God’s history will record how faithful you were to this sacred responsibility.

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